Leather Boxes

22 March 2019

I made a few leather boxes.

The above was my first try - small, intended for storing scented oils, and more complicated to sew together than anything else. It was nice to practice a bit of embossing on and figure out how accurately I needed to cut for this kind of project.

This is my second box - a simple storage box for personal items. I added a tray to hold smaller items on top.

The following is my favorite of the bunch, and also happened to be my first commission:

This was a lot of fun to put together. I would have never worked with the colors bright blue, purple or fuschia if not specifically requested, so that was a fun constraint to try to design within. Getting the dye right was a challenge, as these colors really wanted multiple opaque layers to build intensity:

I think we ended up picking the silver hardware over the bronze option.

Overall I’m absolutely thrilled with how that turned out, even years later.

Some additional photos: