Custom Sweatshirt

A double sided fuzzy sweatshirt with angular hood embellishments

My hand has been getting better, enough that I felt like trying to sew something again after a 4 month hiatus. I’ve always wanted one of the super fuzzy popular branded jackets usually overcharged for, so I made a knockoff for myself.

It could use a slightly different arm length, more room in the shoulders, and pockets - but I’m super pleased to have learned to use a serger sewing machine,and with the ad hoc hood I pieced together and made look intentional with its design.

I am a huge fan of sergers in general, but this machine is particularly easy to learn to use.

I could use a mannequin head to help shape hoods - this wasn’t ideal:

I was low on fabric so I ended up piecing together sheets big enough to cut the hood from, which looks like a nice intentional sytlistic choice here.

Version two probably won’t take long to come about based on how quick and fun this project was.