Aries Panting

A quick workflow for geometric minimalist art

A few years (and hairstyles) ago I was fiddling with computer aided design and geometric art as a way to explore color theory. One of the early paintings I ended up creating during the process of working out a digital workflow was of a goat. I think I used Photoshop to sketch out the geometric lines that best represented the flat facets of the ram’s skull, then I sketched out the digital work on a wooden ‘canvas’ using the assistance of a small short-throw projector.

I next painted a raw wooden panel with gold and black acrylic. The gold needed multiple coats.

And finally ended up with a decent enough representation of Aries:

I’m not great with fine motor control in my hands, so this isn’t the most polished finish. It would have also been smoother if the canvas had been gessoed first. It ended up being a gift for a roommate who identified strongly with her astrological sign, Aries.